Recent Advances on a Stable Hybrid Finite Elements Methodology for Stokes Flow using H(div) Spaces


  • Carlos H. C. Puga
  • Nathan Shauer
  • Philippe R. B. Devloo


The motion of an incompressible flow can be accurately described by the Navier-Stokes equations. When the viscous forces have a greater influence compared to the convective ones, eg: creeping flows, the governing equations can be simplified to the linear Stokes equations. Moreover, the flow is said to be in a steady state if the magnitude of the inertial forces is much smaller than the other terms, thus not varying its velocity in time. [...]


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Biografia do Autor

Carlos H. C. Puga

UNICAMP, Campinas, SP

Nathan Shauer

UNICAMP, Campinas, SP

Philippe R. B. Devloo

UNICAMP, Campinas, SP


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