Well posedness for rabies disease epidemic models for bovine and bats populations with spatial diffusion


  • José Paulo Carvalho dos Santos
  • Evandro Monteiro
  • Ana Claudia Pereira




Abstract Differential Equations, Rabies disease, SI Model, Semigroup Theory


In this paper, we study the well posedness to a SI epidemic models with spatial diffusion for the spreading of Rabies in the Bovine population with Bats how vector. The well-posedness of the model is proved using the Semigroup theory of sectorial operators and existence results for abstract parabolic differential equations.


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Biografia do Autor

José Paulo Carvalho dos Santos

Departamento de Matematica, Universidade Federal de Alfenas, Alfenas, MG

Evandro Monteiro

Departamento de Matematica, Universidade Federal de Alfenas, Alfenas, MG

Ana Claudia Pereira

Departamento de Matematica e Matematica Aplicada, Universidade Federal de Lavras, Lavras, MG


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